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Sindy & Shymon // Wedding Day

In an outdoor realm, where beauty abounds,

A traditional Chinese wedding resounds.

Under the heavens' benevolent gaze,

Two souls unite in love's endless maze.

Beneath a sacred arch, adorned in red,

A symbol of fortune, it is said.

Carved with blessings, ancient and true,

It stands as witness to love's debut.

The dragon and phoenix dance with grace,

Intricately woven, a celestial embrace.

Male and female, yin and yang entwined,

Perfect harmony, forever aligned.

Red threads of fate, woven through time,

Binding two hearts, in love's sublime.

In this outdoor haven, blessed by the stars,

We embark on a journey, no boundary mars.

With tea in hand, we honor tradition,

Respecting ancestors, their loving rendition.

The unity of families, bonds interlace,

As generations rejoice, in timeless grace.

So here we stand, in nature's embrace,

In this sacred union, time cannot erase.

With the earth as our witness, we make this vow,

To love, cherish, and honor, from now untill forever .


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