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An Intimate Celebration: Joy & Joshua's Solemnisation at Ritz Carlton

It was the day of Joy and Joshua's Solemnisation (ROM). The day started with a mix of nervousness and excitement. The anticipation was building, but we took pictures out in the sunlight as the sun cast a warm and beautiful glow on the venue that day. The bride (Joy) wore an elegant satin gown which shone in the sunlight.

The couple’s closest friends and family were there, their smiling faces filling us with warmth and happiness.

The officiant led a touching and heartfelt ceremony. They exchanged vows that they had written. The words felt like they came straight from the heart. We couldn't help but tear up when they spoke their promises. It was a deeply emotional and intimate moment that both will cherish forever.

The couple exchanged rings, a symbol of their love and commitment to one another. The rings glistened in the soft, warm light of the venue, and we couldn't stop staring at them on their fingers.

After the ceremony, they served tea to their elders in an intimate tea ceremony, wrapping

the day with respect, traditions and love.

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