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The Wanderer


Kenny has been behind the camera since 2013. He started his photography journey doing portrait photography as a hobby, and was first engaged as a wedding photographer one year later.

Kenny loves shooting for couples and their weddings not only because it is a job that started out of passion. He particularly enjoys listening to the couples’ story over a cup of coffee, and helping to create moments and memories to be reflected during the photo-shoot. He aspires for them to look back on such fond memories whenever they open their wedding album: not of emotionless photographs with standard and awkward poses, but just as how the couple is naturally whenever they are together.


This is exactly what inspires Kenny whenever he is shooting: the fact that each couple has their own story to tell. It allows him to create a brand new idea and storyboard for each couple, so that they have a unique set of photographs that they can call their own.


Meeting new people and being able to establish friendships with the couple during the photo-shoot journey is Kenny’s favourite thing about being a photographer. Wanderlust Dream is more than just a business transaction between two parties. Witnessing precious moments between the couple, both joyful and tearful, forge a unique and special bond among them.


Kenny is glad to have the team, whom he describes as a fun, crazy and hungry (literally) bunch. He looks forward to more impromptu meetings and hopefully more short getaways to grow Wanderlust Dream as both a brand and team.


Daniel has been shooting since 2017, with the main inspiration for his journey being his very own wedding. Getting married made him realise the importance and value behind weddings; it only happens once and memories of it are treasured for life. This kick-started his specialisation in weddings and all the conceptualising that goes around it. His wife was also a constant model for him to explore various styles and portraits!

The passion for wedding photography grew exponentially over time. He continues to strive to create couples’ own unique love story while capturing all the natural yet heart-warming moments with every wedding he attends and shoots. It is this aspect of storytelling that Daniel loves and enjoys most. Being married himself, he relates to the feelings the couple share during their pre-wedding and actual day.


Being able to meet like-minded people in the team and getting to know couples and their stories is what Daniel values most from being part of Wanderlust Dream. The many adventures, places, people and stories he has encountered and yet to encounter excites him greatly, and he is looking forward to many more as the team continues to grow.

Associate Photo Team



Megan started using the camera since her polytechnic days in 2016 as a hobby, and continued to pursue photography as a part-time job since then. Although she started out shooting for events and fashion photo-shoots, she was particularly interested in weddings as she loved the warm, ethereal vibes that they evoked.

She has engaged in a variety of styled, bridal shoots since then and soon expanded her portfolio to wedding and bridal store shoots. Although she considers the natural chemistry between the couple to be effortless and natural on its own, she also aims to capture the most genuine and heart-warming parts of their day.

Megan enjoys breaking away from the typical ways couples used to shoot for their weddings and go for a style which was closer to their hearts. This meant catching them in their authentic interactions and simply having them enjoy another moment of being together. To her, being a good photographer means capturing the right moment for the couple instead of trying to create a perfect moment that may not exist.

Being an associate photographer in the Wanderlust Dream team, Megan looks forward to even more growth and opportunities in documenting the precious memories for her clients and learning from both them and her fellow team’s stories and past experiences.


Brandon has been shooting since 2017. It all began for him when he embarked on a photo-walk with a friend who was a photographer, and it only grew bigger from there.


Although he started out shooting for concerts and various events, he found himself drawn to couple and wedding photography over time. He is inspired and driven to capture the smallest moments during weddings as to him, they possess the greatest meanings behind them. He quotes, “As a famous architect once said, ‘God is in the detail’ ”.

Upon being a member of the Wanderlust Dream team, Brandon has found ways to push and challenge himself artistically beyond his comfort zone. He is most appreciative of having the opportunity from the team as it has led to his personal growth and professional development, especially as a photographer.

Associate Video Team


Jeremy started shooting when he picked up his dad’s DSLR and started snapping away. He had an interest in cinematography and photography for a long time. His friends also played a great deal in sharing his interest and ideas.

When he is shooting is the idea that he want to capture meaningful and special moments forever. For people to be able to remember what it felt like in that moment is one of the most satisfying feelings for me.

The most favorite thing about being part of Wanderlust is the opportunity to capture these once in a lifetime moments in a way that candid and unique to the couple. It is this vision that brings us all together in Wanderlust.