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The Wanderers

Hello! We are the team behind Wanderlust Dream, and we travel and photograph weddings including Singapore or destination pre-wedding shoots and Singapore or destination actual day shoots.

We love exploring new wedding destinations, singing loudly to our favorite songs, enjoying delicacies, and creating wonderful memories with the different couples we meet. We enjoy documenting every moment - even the bad ones - with our cameras and storytelling through our visuals.


We have been shooting wedding photography since 2015, and every project has kept us inspired through these years. Every couple has a story to tell and we are grateful for the opportunities to capture them down beautifully. Our photography is different from the traditional style - beyond the posed shots, we hope to seize the most organic moments of our clients' laughter, their rawest presence in the stunning landscapes, and their unspoken affection in each other's embrace.

If you share our vision, we would love to get in touch with you. Let's escape from our everyday hubbub and travel to anywhere of your choice for your wedding photography - we are all ears!

Thank you and we look forward to meeting you!


The Key People

Meet the key people who make up the backbone of our destination wedding company: Kenny, Dinie, and Daniel. Together, they bring years of experience and a passion for creating unforgettable experiences to every wedding they plan.


Of cause, we will also have a team who is running behind the scenes to assist us with all the logistics and coordination.


what's elopement?

Elopement is a way for couples to exchange their vows in an intimate and private setting, without the pressures and expectations of a traditional wedding. It's all about focusing on what truly matters - the love between two people - and creating a special moment that will be cherished forever

We're here to capture the raw emotions and genuine expressions of your love story. Whether it's tears of joy or laughter, we want to be there to document the real moments that you share together. 

"Timeless images that reflect the true essence of your relationship"

ready to elope with us?

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