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Frequently asked questions

What Is our concept and what is elopement?

Elopement is a popular wedding choice where couple forgo the traditional ceremony and opt for a more intimate wedding in a quiet part of the world with typically fewer guests. And of course, wedding photos captured are arguably more enthralling.

We believe that all couples should have a chance to experience a different pre-wedding session beyond a usual traditional one. We want our couples to not deem their pre-wedding as a tiring and dreadful day. Instead, it should be one of heartfelt moments with the love of your life, and we are here to immortalise these memories for you.


Why should we travel for pre-wedding?

Destination weddings bring about many more options. For one, grand nature shots can be easily captured, which would be difficult to replicate in Singapore. A getaway, of course, also makes for a short break to relax and rejuvenate.


A pre-wedding session is more than a photo session, it also makes a great opportunity to become closer to your fiance or fiancee.



What will the itinerary be like?

Usually, it will take on a road trip concept where we will travel together for a few days and discover beautiful destinations along our journey. Our trips are relaxing so do not worry about any rushing!


Any styling guidelines?


No overly posed photos! We value free-spirited and candid moments so just embrace the intimate moments as you are, and leave the rest to us.

What are our package rates? 

We have packages designed for different countries; visit our PACKAGES tab to find out more.

We might not be the cheapest photographers but we promise to provide the highest quality work for our couples. If you have seen our packages and want to find out more, holler at us here!

How many photos will we get?

We provide a minimum of 120 photos per day. However, we don’t limit the amount of photos taken.


What Is the turn around time?

We will require a minimum of 8 weeks after the event for delivery to ensure quality output for all our couples.

Do you have bridal gowns & suits to recommend?

We having a tie-up package with our preferred vendors, depending on the destination. We will share the details with you after we receive your form request. We suggest for our couples to not bring along gowns and suits to reduce the hassle of juggling multiple bags. But in the event where our couples bring their own outfits, do ensure to keep them safely packed.

Will make-up service be provided?

We don't have in-house makeup services as of yet. However, we have a tie-up with our preferred styling vendor for our photo, video, and make-up packages. Find out more at our FRIENDS tab or visit our PACKAGES tab and look for "Add-on" services. 

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