Kind Words 

Wei Ting & Jeremy

My husband and I had the pleasure of having both Kenny & Megan together with us on our wedding day and man were they a joy to everyone! :) Besides being punctual, Kenny took every chance he had to capture our special moments. As the 2nd photographer, Megan was also able to photograph our day in another perspective. Kenny was very nice and friendly, looking from how well he mingled with everyone. My family and bridal party warmed up to him very quickly and there was really no awkwardness throughout, as I had feared initially. :) As a very camera-shy person, he took extra effort to make sure that I was comfortable with every shot he had planned to take. Not to mention that he was very prompt in providing us with the end result, which everyone was very very pleased with. With that amount of passion and dedication, his team will definitely go a long way! Thumbs up for the wonderful work, Kenny & Megan! :) Will definitely recommend them to family & friends.

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