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Our approach

Natural moments


One of the key adjectives that describe us is natural. We guide and never impose poses on our couples. We strive to capture the little interactions between our couples. 

Tell us your story


We know that every relationship comes with a story and it's not easy to share with just a few words. But we love to hear about it as this is our opening to photograph our couples. Tell us anything - how you met each other, obstacles you've faced, the happiest memory you two share...

Be yourself with us


Most importantly, be yourselves and enjoy the present. We understand that some couples might be awkward in front of the camera, but we hope you can treat us not just as a wedding vendor, but as friends whom you can be comfortable with,


During the pre-wedding and engagement sessions, we tend to be a little hyper with our couples while photographing and directing, so don't mind us! While on the actual wedding day, you might see us quieter and less directive. We are not exhausted or distracted! We want to let both of you fully enjoy your wedding; we'll let the beautiful moments happen naturally and capture them.

Trust us


We strive to put in our 101% effort throughout our wedding photography journey with you. We believe in open communication and we aim to deliver our best service once you hit 'Contact Us'. As we want the best experience for our couples, we also do not hesitate to give constructive feedback and advise on what should and shouldn't be done with regards to timings, weather, crowd issues, etc.

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