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Guang Long & Claire // Wedding Day

They say, your wedding day is one of the most cherished moments in your life. It's a day filled with love, joy, and promises for a beautiful future together. This was how Claire & Guang Long’s special day went:

The Morning Preparations

The day began with a sense of excitement and nervous anticipation. As the bride, Claire got dolled up, friends and family couldn't help but feel a rush of emotions. Perhaps they knew that this day would be a turning point in her life, and they were as excited as the groom(Guang Long) to start this new chapter.

At their parents’ place, everyone was surrounded by laughter and tears of joy. The gatecrash lifted everyone’s spirits. The room was filled with the aroma of fresh flowers, and the familiar melodies of chit-chat played in the background. It was a moment of bonding and reflection as the bride and groom completed the tea ceremony, and ate traditional glutinous rice balls.

The Ceremony

Walking down the aisle, Guang Long smiled, waiting for Claire at the other end, a smile that could light up the room. They were surrounded by loved ones, and the atmosphere was filled with love and anticipation. As they exchanged vows, everyone stood still for those precious minutes.

Our officiant spoke beautifully about love, commitment, and the journey ahead. They exchanged rings, sealing their promises to one another with a kiss. It was a moment of pure joy, as loud cheer erupted in the banquet hall as they were pronounced husband and wife.

The Celebration

After the ceremony, it was time to celebrate. The reception was a dream come true, filled with laughter, dancing, and delicious food. The décor was a reflection of their personalities, with vibrant colours and personal touches that made the venue feel vibrant, just like a warm rainbow. It was a night of pure happiness and celebration.

Watch it in video here:


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