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Photo Presets

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We have embarked on our Wanderlust Dream journey for awhile now, and we want to inspire fellow photographers to create beautiful, nature-toned images as well with our presets. We have 4 different presets for you to choose, including 2 black and white ones.

Our presets are compatible with Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw.

4 colour presets included

  • Grange: Our signature preset which emphasises on warm tones and rustic colours.

  • Solstice: This preset has a cooler temperated added to the muted highlights.

  • Dreamy: This preset gives a dreamy hue and exudes an artistic finish.

  • Classic: This black and white preset perfectly accentuates the gorgeous scenery.

  • 2 free travel presets

*Non-negotiation. No refunds and returns. Download link will expire 24 hours after purchase.

Grange preset

Solstice preset

Dreamy preset