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Colin & Grace // A modern love story in Paris and Switzerland

Our couple’s modern fairytale began in Paris, the city of lights. The sheer number of landmarks never cease to amaze us. We were spoilt for choice when it came to shoot locations - the countless Jardins, majestic architecture and iconic bridges. And of course, we had to stop by the Eiffel tower for a quick shoot to round up our Paris experience.

While the day gave us beautiful blue skies to complete the enchanting scenes of Parisian streets, the city only truly lit up at night. The glittering Eiffel and warm lights emitting from the old street lamps completes our Destination wedding shoot in Paris.

We continued this overseas pre-wedding shoot in scenic Switzerland. This time round, we did a different kind of road trip. Just two train rides away, we could not resist a shot or two at the supposed world’s most photographed mountain (for good reason). Our bride’s ball gown-silhouette wedding dress was fitting in signifying our couple’s modern happily ever after at the Matterhorn. We wrapped up the shoot by having our couple pop the champagne - cheers to love!


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