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Sue & Shannen // Wedding Day

Love is like a river, ever-flowing,

A current that keeps us ever-growing.

It's a force that keeps us always glowing,

And in its depths, we are forever knowing.

It's a flame that burns deep within,

A passion that never seems to dim.

It's a light that guides us through thick and thin,

And in its warmth, we always win.

Love is a journey, an adventure of the heart,

A path that we never want to depart.

It's a bond that never falls apart,

And in its embrace, we find our start.

It's the laughter shared with a friend,

A connection that never seems to end.

It's the support of family until the end,

And the love of a partner, forever to fend.

Love is a treasure, a priceless gem,

A feeling that never lets us condemn.

It's the glue that keeps us together, stem to stem,

And in its grace, we find our purpose and rem.

So let us hold onto love with all our might,

And keep it close, always in sight.

For in its embrace, everything seems so right,

And in its warmth, we always take flight.


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