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Odelia & Sylvester // When Modern Meets Traditional at Bali

​Classic, cultured, fun, and understated - these are the words to describe our experience framing our destination pre-wedding shoot with Odelia & Sylvester.

Odelia and Sylvester knew they wanted their engagement shoot to showcase both their cultures, race and heritage in a sentimental way, combined with the rather modern idea of an elopement.

Why do one when Odelia and Sylvester showed us that you can do both together (and honestly, we must say that it turned out so well)! Odelia and Sylvester decided to inject some of the traditional elements in appreciation of both of their heritages on their special day. Bali was the perfect location for this - a gorgeous area with rich cultures and heritage.

We always love to get invited to shoot something different, and this was indeed a special experience for our couple as well as for us too! We were honoured to not only learn about our couple, but their culture too!


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