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Ian & Alisa // Wedding Day

Love, a word so simple yet profound,

With power that makes our hearts resound. It's a feeling that can never be bound,

And in its warmth, we are forever astound.

It comes in many shapes and forms,

A bond that keeps us safe from storms.

It's the light that guides us through the norms,

And the reason we wake up each dawn.

It's the warmth of a mother's embrace,

A father's advice that we always chase.

It's the bond of friendship that we embrace,

And the passion of a lover's sweet face.

Love is a journey, a path that we tread,

A winding road that leads us ahead.

It's a gift that's given, never to be fled,

And in its glow, we are forever wed.

It's the bond that ties us to our kin,

A love that's true, never akin.

It's the feeling that makes our hearts sing,

And in its embrace, we spread our wings.

Love is a treasure, a gem so rare,

A feeling that we all strive to share.

It's the essence of life, the very air,

And in its embrace, we find our solace fair.

So let us cherish the love we've found,

And keep it close, forever around.

For in its grace, we are forever bound,

And in its warmth, we are forever crowned.


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