The Wanderers

Hello! We are the team behind Wanderlust Dream, and we travel and photograph weddings including Singapore or destination pre-wedding shoots and Singapore or destination actual day shoots.

We love exploring new wedding destinations, singing loudly to our favourite songs, enjoying delicacies, and creating wonderful memories with the different couples we meet. We enjoy documenting every moment - even the bad ones - with our cameras and storytell through our visuals.


We have been shooting wedding photography since 2015, and every project has kept us inspired through these years. Every couple has a story to tell and we are grateful for the opportunities to capture them down beautifully. Our photography is different from the traditional style - beyond the posed shots, we hope to seize the most organic moments of our clients' laughters, their rawest presence in the stunning landscapes, and their unspoken affection in each other's embrace.

If you share our vision, we would love to get in touch with you. Let's escape from our everyday hubbub and travel to anywhere of your choice for your wedding photography - we are all ears!

Thank you and we look forward to meeting you!

The Team




Hi there, I'm Kenny! I have been behind the camera since 2013. I started my photography journey as a hobby and was first engaged as a wedding photographer one year later.

I fell in love shooting for weddings after my first time at it! I enjoy listening to the couples’ story over a cup of coffee and helping to create moments and memories to be reflected during the photo-shoot. I always aspire for them to look back on these fond memories whenever they open their wedding album.


Meeting new people and being able to establish friendships with the couple during the photo-shoot journey is my favourite thing about being a photographer.


Wanderlust Dream is more than a business transaction between two parties. Witnessing precious moments between the couple, both joyful and tearful, forge a unique and special bond among them.




Hi, I'm Daniel! I have been shooting since 2017, and the main inspiration behind my journey is for me to the very photographer during my own wedding. Getting married made me realize the importance and value behind weddings; it only happens once but memories of it will be treasured for life. This kick-started my specialization in weddings and the conceptualizing that goes around it. My wife is also a constant model for me to explore various styles and portraits!


It is this aspect of storytelling that I love and enjoy most. Being a married man, I can relate to the feelings the couple share during their pre-wedding and actual day.


Being able to meet like-minded people in the team and getting to know couples and their stories is what I value most from being part of Wanderlust Dream. The many adventures, places, people, and stories I have encountered and have yet to encounter excites me greatly, and I am looking forward to many more as the team continues to grow.

Associate Member

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Ming En

Video cam guy

Ming En is an aspiring cinematic videographer. Ever since he joined a media course in his poly days and bought his first camera, he fell in love with filmmaking. He enjoys telling stories through the visuals he captured. Despite being only more active on early 2019, he was given a chance to shoot a couple’s actual wedding day a while later. Ming En realized that he enjoys shooting weddings more than anything else and decided to pursue wedding filmmaking. He seeks to tell every couples’ unique stories through his creative mind.

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