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Top 5 Reason Why You Should Do Vow Exchange On Your Pre-wedding Session

Something new to spice up your pre-wedding session!
Top 5 Reason Why You Should Do Vow Exchange On Your Pre-wedding Session

On the wedding day, the exchange of wedding vows is when the bride and groom make their sacred promises to each other. 


In the pre-wedding or engagement session, a vow exchange is a confession deep inside the heart of each other! Most of the time, the wedding vows are scripted and some words may not easily be expressed in public during the wedding day! Or I can say due to the time constraints, the groom & bride may not even have time to get into the mood while exchanging their wedding vows. And it is truly wasted if true words can’t be expressed during your wedding moments. 


We’ve been photographing weddings now for over five years and we continue to find that pre-wedding or engagement sessions with wedding vows tend to go a lot more meaningful. Now be warned: We are wedding photographers so this article may be a tad biased toward prioritizing photography. We do, however, try to balance this out to make sure our clients are a priority. So read between the lines and consider applying only what’s really important to you.

Top 5 Reason Why You Should Do Vow Exchange On Your Pre-wedding Session
Top 5 Reason Why You Should Do Vow Exchange On Your Pre-wedding Session

1. It Gives A Whole Lot of Different Feeling

We suggest doing the exchange of wedding vows during your pre-wedding or engagement session which gives the couple more time to get into the mood and be able to confess everything deep inside the heart! 


Traditionally, a pre-wedding or couple engagement session is where the couples get to wear their dream wedding gowns & suits for the photo session, especially it is most happening in Asia! Throughout the whole photo session, it seems like something is missing because the whole photo session is just about posing and smiling at each other or don’t smiling, hugging each other or the groom got to carry up the bride and the signature posing, holding each other's hand. Don’t you think there’s a lack of true emotion even you get to physically interact with your love but never involved any emotional feeling! 


When you flip the album, the memory of these photos is just a normal photo-taking day with me, myself and my love wearing our ideal wedding gowns & suits to pose according to what the photographer is telling us to do! All the time, we learn how to be one day model shots and the weather is really damn hot! It’s so sad to hear from it! 


Imagine there’s a vow exchange session & emotion involved during the pre-wedding or engagement session, which could be the first thing that comes out in your mind when you are flipping the album!

Top 5 Reason Why You Should Do Vow Exchange On Your Pre-wedding Session
Top 5 Reason Why You Should Do Vow Exchange On Your Pre-wedding Session

2. The Intimacy Session You Have

Pre-wedding or couple engagement session usually just involves the two of you and is gonna be intimate and have enough privacy to talk out everything deep inside your heart! It is okay to do it during the wedding day while it really depends on the couple themselves whether they are comfortable sharing with the guests around or is there enough time for them to express their vows. Meanwhile, you will get really enough space and privacy for a pre-wedding or engagement session without anyone there to hear what you both are sharing. The only audience you get is us, either the photographer or the videographer but it doesn’t matter as we are busy in capturing all these AMAZING moments & emotion reflected at both of your faces.

Top 5 Reason Why You Should Do Vow Exchange On Your Pre-wedding Session

3. You Will Get Surprise

We can say most of the time, couples will just read out their vows from what they have written before the wedding day, it is just like a scripted paper to read. Yes, there are still emotions involved but it is not exactly 100% of emotion you’re gonna throw out. Some couples might as well just keep it short and sweet to pass this session and quickly start their wedding and end it asap. “That’s not really a good idea tho!”

Well, if you are doing wedding vows exchanges during a pre-wedding or couple engagement session, there’s definitely no reason for you to hide your emotion at all. We will ask for the vows to be written on the spot right before the couple's engagement session. You could have just expressed everything out and told him/her, what have you been so grateful for since you got together with him/her, any promises to make for each other or tell him/her the experience you've been through and what you have thought of to make it even better!

Surely you will get SURPRISES through this session! 


4. The Emotions

This one is probably our favorite and is counted as one of the surprises you might never see before! So you’ve been dreaming about meeting your Mr or Ms. Right since the day you were born. Right? You’ve been thinking about what your Mr or Ms. Right looks like and how that one moment is going to be when you finally get married to the right one. Right? 

And at this wedding vows exchange moment, you get to confess and express your emotion without any hesitation because we know you will want it to be real and meaningful to each other! 

At the same time, we’ve seen incredible moments during the pre-wedding or couple engagement sessions. “Tears of Joy” is what we have been captured ever since we introduced this and guess what’s the feedback to us are they feel really get into the mood to share out everything and they fall in love all over again!

5. More Pictures Taken

We want you to have more opportunities for great pictures. At the end of the day, all that’s left is the photography to look back on. With the wedding vows exchange session introduced in a pre-wedding or couple engagement session, you will no longer just receive the photos with the pose but also all the moment photos from writing the vows until the exchange of wedding vows is done! It’s gonna be like a journal album instead!



Doesn't it sound amazing and you’re getting excited to think about should I even have this wedding vows exchange to be done during my pre-wedding or couple engagement session?

Definitely we will recommend you to do it and do it with a very nice backdrop set up! It would be something similar to the idea we have below.


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