Tricia & John

The quirky love birds - Tricia & John 

Venue: Lucha Loco

Tricia and John celebrated their wedding at Lucha Loco - Mexican Cocina Y Bar and it was indeed a spectacular one! They both know they want a wedding that represents themselves the most while setting traditional wedding expectations aside. We all know how stressful it is sometimes to attend to certain wedding receptions, (Ops) you wanna keep it all classy and suppress your party instinct, but fret not!  It’s not the case at Tricia & John’s. (Sneak peek: they wanted their guests to have the best night of their life!) 


The venue is filled with dramatic greeneries with a hint of tangerine-colored florals. The reception begins with rings exchange and a blessing ceremony. Then, the pair said: “ I do”, and they were proudly showing their wedding rings to the guests. 


And It was time for the party to begin, the couple’s idea behind the party is they want their special day to be loved, fun and with many doses of quirks. 


The party certainly lift away our rusts of the week, we feel so lightened and we enjoyed every moment of these shots! 

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