Shermaine & Alan

Setting our alarms before sunrise once again as it was another exciting actual day shoot! First stop bride’s home.

Our bride’s mother could not help getting emotional as she helped Shermaine put on her veil. We could not help but snap a few shots of this touching moment.

Our groom, Alan, arrives soon after and removes the same veil! Tang yuan, which are glutinous rice balls, are often eaten by Chinese newly-weds as its roundness represents perfection and its sweetness for everlasting sweetness between the couple.

Red umbrellas are held by the father as the bride makes her way to the car to ward off any inauspicious elements. Next stop, groom’s home!

Home sweet home! Next stop: the couple's new home.

We were glad that we managed to get some shots of the couple with their bridesmaids and groomsmen before heading to the hotel for their reception! Here are some of our favorites taken at Jurong Lake Garden, which opened around the same time as their wedding:

Not forgetting the tea ceremony held at our last stop: the hotel and banquet held at Fairmont, where we had our last session of the actual day!

Let's get in touch with us to find out what we can make your wedding session a little different from others!  


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