Russian Love at Bali

Reminiscent of our first meet

Grab her hand, hold her tight and cozy up at the beachside. Set in with the candle lights and campfire, this couple shoot proves that beach set is the way to go if you are a beach lover and want to create a truly intimate vibe.

When he first met her, he felt like he had known her forever, and that’s rare. We are honored to shoot for our couple, as they’re both photographer and videographer from Russia. That sparks our curiosity on how we can work with them to capture the essence of the shoots that they desire.

The shoot is styled by our love birds themselves, featured cozy rug, distant candle flame, and bohemian decor, and ended with the best possible way, cuddling by the campfire!

We’re all in for private and intimate couple sessions, and this one gave us an extra dose of sweetness!