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Adriel & Xinyi // Adventurous Pre-wedding at Cappadocia & Iceland

Fairy chimneys, cone-shaped rock formations and hot air balloon rides at sunrise. Adriel & XinYi marked their once in a lifetime milestone here in the city of romance, Cappadocia, Turkey.

Our bride to be, XinYi finally fulfilled her long-awaited dream by flying to Turkey for gorgeous overseas pre-wedding shots. First, the pair enjoyed a beautiful sunrise at Cappadocia, filled with hot air balloons. It’s as magical as it is. Then, onto the colourful carpet flooring while we caught our couple dancing to the stars. The trip ended with horse rides around the majestic caves in Turkey.

Onto the next destination, the lovebirds opted for a more casual shoot at Iceland, where the surreal nature caught our sight. Despite the chilly weather, our couple were professionals. We were able to complete the destination wedding shoot amidst the natural beauty of Iceland.


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