Mayshella & Seth

The Whimsey Boho Wedding - Mayshella & Seth

Venue: The Ahava

Mayshella & Seth held the celebration of their union at the gorgeous industrial

venue space of The Ahava. The brick walls, chandelier, and lots of natural daylight was the perfect place to match their whimsey boho wedding theme,

Whilst COVID-19 had certainly dampen their wedding plans initially, causing them to postpone their wedding, they made the best out of the situation and still managed to have one of the most memorable days of their lives.

Wedding day mornings would always be full have anticipation and glee, and their wedding morning was no exception.

We always advise our couples to make time in their wedding day itinerary to do an intimate vow exchange session with one another, as well as a first look session on the actual day. These are the important moments during your wedding that you'll want to remember, away from the hustle and bustle of the wedding festivities.

We had so much fun watching the true love between these lovebirds, just as much as their nearest and dearest friends and family did!

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