Eric & Yu Ching

A whimsically “ just the two of us” moment with Eric & YuChing

Going on a road trip, singing out loud our favorite tracks, Eric and Yu Ching designed their pre-wedding shots in a way that if someone ever stumbled across their wedding photos, they would have a good idea of what they are like as real people.


Eric wanted a vacation-ish vibe and Yu Ching is a nature lover, so we do both for them - a road trip concept shots.


These masterpieces include casual shots that bring out the realness of our couple, intimate shots that show us how truly happy and appreciated our couple feels for each other, and nonetheless the “moment shots” where we document our couple at their truest self. 


It’s a loving and adventurous journey where we are able to capture the different faces of them. Here’s to a fruitful life filled with more road trips!

Can you believe Vietnam has such breath-taking views for wedding photos?

Yes, there are some hidden gems we know and we always explore these hidden gems when we are there!

Let's elope to VIETNAM for your dream wedding shoots and get to see these stunning view by yourself!