Edna & William

It was raining on the evening of Edna and William's photoshoot, but we did not let it ruin the day! While waiting for the rain to stop, we decided to make full use of our time by getting some cosy indoor snaps first.

We loved how Edna and William came prepared with their own props: books and bubble guns! As the rain began to subside, we decided to head outdoors just as it hit the golden hour.

Comfortable sneakers and a flowy dress while basking in the sunset glow calls for some romantic running shots!

It happened to be the blooming season for the bougainvillea in Botanic Gardens during our shoot as well, adding warm yet colourful shades to our shots. When coupled with Edna and William's creativity and enthusiasm, it made the rainy and gloomy day so much brighter. Thank you for the wonderful and enjoyable session!