Cheryl & Tim

The love for our furry friends is universal, from France to Singapore like Cheryl and Tim.

Fun fact: the adorable furkids actually belong to Cheryl's neighbor, who kindly allowed them to join in for the photoshoot! The dogs added such a fun and warm touch to a chilly Saturday evening.

Cheryl and Tim's big day was only a few weeks away, and they were in the midst of the various planning and arrangements that had to be done. I asked for them to show me a little bit of their dance routine, and here's how it turned out:

Absolutely loved the cosy, cottage-like setting of Cheryl's parents' home amidst the tall, glassy apartments that surround it.

Cheryl and Tim officially tied the knot on 27 July, 2019 (with another wedding in France on the way!). We send them our heartfelt congratulations and wish them the most blissful marriage  Thank you for letting us be a part of your wedding journey!